Our Legacy Continues

Eiwa Marine Products, Inc. takes pride in providing high quality seafood products for our customers around the world. Our priority is to provide the best quality that exceeds our customer’ s expectations. We work directly with “mekiki” fish professionals in Toyosu market in Tokyo to bring the best products to your table.

The trading division of Eiwa Group became Eiwa Marine Products, Inc. in 2013. Our history of fish trading business goes back to 1969. Eiwa Group opened the renowned Tokyo Kaikan, the birth place of California Roll in Los Angeles in the 1960s. Eiwa Marine Products, Inc. continues to contribute to the development of Japanese food culture around the world.


EIWA Marine Products, Inc.

Hohsui Toyomi No.3 Bldg 3F

8-19 Toyomicho, Chuo-ku

Tokyo 104-0055 Japan

Tel 81-3-3532-2297

Fax 81-3-3532-2362


​〒104-0055 東京都中央区豊海町8-19

ホウスイ豊海第三冷蔵庫 事務棟3F

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